What people say about our swimming lessons

Swimming with the West Wood Masters is very enjoyable as it is much easier to exercise with others than swimming alone. It is really great to have varied routines which make the swim fresh and interesting. The expertise and encouragement of the West Wood coaches is really a huge added bonus and this has resulted in everyone improving their stroke technique, possibly improving their times and definitely increasing their enjoyment of Swimming.

Mary Geoghegan

I would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone at West Wood for teaching my son during the summer. I was very happy with the excellent level of instruction that was provided in the class and with my sonís very good swimming progress. We look forward to seeing you in September Lessons. Thank you.

Magda Szekely

We were given access to a professional & highly qualified swim instructor who made every class varied and interesting to the extent that my daughter looked forward to her swimming lesson every week. We have seen a dramatic improvement in her water confidence over a short period of time and are happily renewing her term lessons.

Helena Mc Grath

The Swimming Masters at Westwood includes progressive and competitive swimmers. Our experienced and successful Masters coach Ashleah McGee, has seen great progress since taking over management and coaching sessions. There have been new Irish records in International Galaís, Podium finishes in Triathlons and top age group times in Iron Man competitions. The sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 to 11 am are a very enjoyable way of making training and fitness good fun for all.

Marie Sudway

After just 5 swimming lessons, my daughter went from having zero confidence in the water to being able to swim properly. The coach she had was absolutely fantastic and I will be recommending her to all my friends. For less than the cost of a night out my daughter had five one on one swimming lessons and will now easily transition to group swimming classes with her school wearing no armbands and having huge confidence in the water .

Clare Mac Manus

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